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Making Time As a Bookworm

A while back there were quite a few people in the reading community asking other readers (otherwise known as bookworms) how they make time for reading. Amongst that was also the topic of self care and social media burnout.

Before adulting happens (unfortunately it does happen!) the life of a bookworm is filled with libraries, bookstores, book clubs, etc. No matter how hectic your schedule is there is always a way to make time for reading as well. Not to mention being able to read for 12 hours straight or longer! Bathroom and meal breaks are allowed, of course. Let’s not forget parents having too much concern about too much reading rather than being thankful that drinking and substance abuse isn’t typically part of their bookworm’s life.

So, how do you make time for reading when adulting can be mentally draining? Each person in life has a different lifestyle, schedule, real life problems, etc. Taking out 10 minutes to read can be a miracle at times. Take a look at your usual routine. When is there a free moment? When is there a free moment that allows reading time at the same time? Making time to read is a little easier than the stressful mind makes it seem. Some ideas involve break time at work, after a workout, while using the treadmill (unless you’re a klutz like me and will kill yourself instead!), after a yoga session, during breakfast, etc. If you’re unable to squeeze reading in between your weekday schedule then aim for a time on the weekends. Personally, I prefer to read before going to sleep. It’s not the best idea for someone with an e-reader. It usually ends in a heavy tablet smacking you on the forehead if you fall asleep! Too many nights, too many smacks on the forehead.

More often than not we try so hard to keep up with all of our favorite book series and authors that we forget about self care in the form of mental care. Social media burnout can also lead to the lack of mental care. We focus so strongly on the things that we love and or need to do (especially for book bloggers, vloggers, bookstagrammers and arc readers) that in the process of things we don’t take better care of ourselves. It is ok to take care of yourself. It is not selfish. It is ok to slow down. It is ok to take a break when you need to. Your followers will still be there if they are true followers. They do care. They want you to take care of yourself as well.

Until next time… Happy Reading!

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