July Unplugged Unboxing

It finally came! After impatiently waiting for my first Unplugged Book Box it has finally arrived. I was so excited to find the official Unplugged Book Box delivery!

Unplugged Book Box’s July theme is Fearless. It includes two books and seven usable items. Unfortunately, a couple items won’t be pictured. Specifically the Lord of the Rings themed lemon squeezer because my Mother took claim to it right away!

Psst! An unboxing video is available on Instagram.

Letters from the authors! Letters from the authors of the included books in the box was a surprise, especially since Jennifer Estep was one of the authors. I did an author interview with her on my past blog (the before Just Jenna era). She was a great person to interview!

The books for July include The Stranger Behind You by Carol Goodman and Capture the Crown by Jennifer Estep.

The Stranger Behind You by Carol Goodman

It’s taken Joan Lurie three years to write her article exposing a famous newspaper tycoon as a sexual predator. On the eve of its publication, she celebrates at a party thrown in her honor and is riding high…only to be brutally attacked as she is returning home late that night. Traumatized and suffering the effects of a concussion, she moves to a highly secure new apartment building in northern Manhattan called the Refuge. Safely sequestered away, she tries to begin writing a book that expands her much-lauded exposé.

At the Refuge, Joan encounters a frail 96-year-old woman who has been living in the building since the 1940s when it was a Magdalen Laundry and Refuge for Fallen Women. When Lillian first arrived, she was hiding out from the infamous Murder, Inc mobsters. As Lillian relates her story about the long-ago incriminating incident she witnessed that forced her into hiding, Joan recalls certain details of her own investigation.

The more Joan learns about Lillian and the fabled story of the Refuge, the more she realizes they may be linked to the book she is writing—and to her attacker that fateful night. As Joan starts to connect the clues and unravel decades worth of history, she must stay one step ahead of those who are desperate to make sure Joan never uncovers the final truth.


Capture the Crown by Jennifer Estep

Gemma Ripley has a reputation for being a pampered princess who is more interested in pretty gowns, sparkling jewelry, and other frivolous things than learning how to rule the kingdom of Andvari. But her carefully crafted persona is just an act to hide the fact that Gemma is a powerful mind magier—and a spy.

Gemma is undercover, trying to figure out who is stealing large amounts of tearstone from one of the Ripley royal mines when she encounters Prince Leonidas Morricone of Morta—her mortal enemy. Gemma tries to steer clear of the handsome prince, but when she finds herself behind enemy lines, she reluctantly joins forces with Leo. Also coming to Gemma’s aid is Grimley, her beloved gargoyle.

Despite the fact that Andvari and Morta are old, bitter enemies, a dangerous attraction sparks between Gemma and Leo. Further complicating matters is Leo’s murderous family, especially Queen Maeven Morricone, the mastermind behind the infamous Seven Spire massacre.

The closer Gemma gets to the stolen tearstone, the more deadly plots she uncovers. Everyone is trying to capture the crown, but only one queen can sit on the throne…

Goodies and more goodies…

Pride and Prejudice fans rejoice! A Pride and Prejudice themed tea towel has been included. Shout out to the person that did a great sewing job on it! Other goodies that are found in the July box are loose leaf tea, tea strainer, wooden honey dipper, small jar of honey (not pictured), lemon squeezer (not pictured) and avocado body butter. By the way, the avocado body butter smells amazing!

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