Carved and Painted Pumpkins

The tradition of carving pumpkins began with the Irish. Since then carving pumpkins has become an art. Speaking of art, painting pumpkins instead of carving them has become increasingly popular. There are so many ways to carve and decorate pumpkins for Halloween!

Famous Pumpkin Lady

The Pumpkin Lady is an ever popular website for pumpkin carving templates. Heads up, one of the best parts about this website is there aren’t any ads! The Pumpkin Lady.

With a Stroke of the Brush

DIYs has a lot of really good painted pumpkin ideas. Not great with carving pumpkins? Does carving intimidate you? Try your hand at painting pumpkins this year! 25 Easy Pumpkin Painting Ideas That Look Cute (2021 Edition).

Pumpkin Carving, Oh My

The Spruce Crafts has a large collection of pumpkin carving templates from various websites. A little something for everyone. Pumpkin Carving Patterns, Templates, and Ideas.

One of a Kind

Decoist brings an assortment of ideas for pumpkin decorating. Painting, rhinestones, sharpie art, etc. These decorated pumpkins could indeed become part of your home decor or be simple and fun. 25 Awesome Painted Pumpkin Ideas for Halloween and Beyond!

Are you carving any pumpkins -or- decorating any pumpkins for Halloween? Drop a comment below with your pumpkin creation this year!

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