Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, Followers! This is going to be a quick post for today. Adulting and last minute Halloween catch up has me wiped out!

Hope everyone’s All Hallows Eve is going good. The next post will be a recap of Spooky Season, Blogoween and some laughs in between!

I was able to get the pumpkins (and gourds) painted and carved, except for the large pumpkin. Because it was so last minute (I know better than that!) I dove into the Carved and Painted Pumpkins post for some ideas. A pictures of the end result will be shared in the next post!

Side note for Bang drinkers, the Candy Apple Crisp flavor is a winner! With all of the exhaustion today I opened up a can of the candy apple crisp flavor. Total candy apple flavor vibes!

Spooky season comes to an end tomorrow. I don’t know about the rest of you but that leaves me feeling sad to have to let the season go until 2022.

Are you going to miss Halloween and all that comes with it?

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