St. John: Group Homes and Halfway Houses

Group homes and halfway houses can be good or bad, pending how they are run and whether or not the homes/houses cause outside trouble.

If you live in St. John the Baptist Parish you might have noticed a lot of community issues as of late. Some community issues include that of group homes and or halfway houses of the bad kind. Complaints are being made but changes can’t be seen. One question remains, is St. John the Baptist Parish not handling the issues or is the State not handling the issues? If the issues are being handled but the issues are becoming increasingly worse… what needs to be done?

Due to an influx of certain types of people moving into the parish there has been an increase of long-staying residents moving out of the parish. St. John the Baptist Parish isn’t a bad place to live but someone(s) in charge do need to take notice of terrible ongoing issues.

What do you think needs to be done for the betterment of the parish regarding crime?

This post is strictly opinionated.

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