Free Donut Fridays

Good news Dunkin’ Fans! Dunkin’ Donut is giving customers a free donut every Friday in March! What’s the catch? You have to purchase a beverage and you must also be a member of Dunkin’s DD Perks program. The program is free, fortunately. To become a DD Perks member download the Dunkin’ APP on your phone and either purchase a gift card or upload your current gift card to your account. When purchasing a beverage and donut be sure to use the APP to make your purchase by allowing the cashier to scan your order through the APP, which will deduct the purchased amount from a gift card. A major bonus when scanning purchases through the APP is racking up points. After so many points accumulate you qualify for a free beverage of any size. Needless to say DD Perks Points enable my frozen coffee addiction!

Get out there and get your free donut, Readers! 🙂

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