Protein Muffin On-The-Go

Busy workers are always looking for some form of food that’s on-the-go, especially breakfast. One of Dunkin’s latest creations is their Protein Muffin, complete with pumpkin seeds on top.

The protein muffin isn’t without flaws. Just like a lot of on-the-go muffins this one is high on the calorie and sugar end. However, it is also high in protein and potassium. If you’re like me and typically only eat half of a muffin then the amount of calories and sugar are cut in half. If it’s the only thing you’re eating for breakfast the calories aren’t too hard to swallow.

Taste wise, Dunkin’s protein muffin is on the yummy side. It also tastes sweet without feeling like a box of sugar was dumped into your mouth. Personally speaking, I give it a thumbs up. My Mother, on the other hand, said the muffin left an aftertaste in her mouth. Our taste buds are obviously different but the muffin is worth trying if you’re attempting to up the intake of protein.

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