Bed of Roses Author Meet

Much later at posting this than intended but I’ve been in hardcore study mode…

It has been a never ending heatwave with unbearable temps but it finally included a not so hot breeze. And a shopping trip out of town with my Mother included a stop at Books-A-Million. Win!

The current book haul from Books-A-Million was a very special one as it included meeting an author and getting a book signed!

A Bed of Roses by Ann Marie Jameson is the first book in the Willow Rose series. The series and the author are new to me. The description alone makes me want to see this become a Lifetime movie. Lifetime, are you listening? *hint, hint*

At the age of eighty-three, Jack Bordelon slips away from his life on Earth. He leaves behind a suspicious will which states that he has left all of his estate, including thirty acres of land inherited from his first wife Maggie’s family to his new wife, Lilly Mae. This does not go over well with his and Maggie’s eight grown children or with Maggie’s five siblings. The Bordelon children and their aunts and uncles team up to get back what they feel is rightfully theirs. In the process, bedlam ensues.

Thank you for signing my book, Ann!

Ann Marie Jameson started out as a self published author and later became traditionally published. If you’re a fan of cozy mysteries, especially southern ones, be sure to check out Ann Marie Jameson’s books! Already a fan of Ms. Jameson’s books? Check out this article for a list of her book tour dates.

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