Listen & Act

The coronavirus is causing health issues, economic issues, etc. now. Let us all try to remember that even if we don’t feel like heeding the advice of healthcare officials all that does is send not only yourself but other people downhill. Please, please, be sure to follow the advice of healthcare officials when it comes to social distance, quarantine, preventing and treating the coronavirus.

If we don’t keep from spreading the virus as much as possible then the amount of people with the virus will simply increase. Coronavirus is highly contagious, so please don’t think that just because you have a strong immune system you are not at risk. You are not only at risk of getting infected but also infecting others. In my state we are running out of hospital beds for those infected by the virus.

This is something that I found on social media and thought it would be good to share here. It really hit home. My Father passed away from cancer. If he were still here, going through chemotherapy, we would be stuck. He required so many supplies due to the side effects of chemotherapy, supplies which you can’t buy from the store because all of the stores have been out of stock for so long.

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