Room 217

It’s FriYay! So, today’s post will be short and sweet. The end of the week is here and our brains are overloaded as they turn to mush from working all week. Shout out to the people working hours beyond 9 to 5!

If you enjoy podcasts or are looking for more to follow be sure to check out Room 217. My good friend, and talented author, David Dugas Jr. and his Wife Erica started their own podcast. David and Erica talk about their favorite horror movies and TV shows with a few bonus off topic tidbits here and there. I added Room 217 to my list on Spotify so I don’t miss an episode!

In one of the episodes David talks about the Clue: IT board game. Never knew this existed but now I want the game! What could be a bigger twist on the clue board game than Pennywise?

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