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Shadow and Bone Released From the Shadows

So, it happened. I finally took the plunge and watched Shadow and Bone on Netflix. However, I haven’t read the books even though they’re really popular.

What can I say about this new book to screen series? Don’t worry, spoiler free here! But I will say this… Mal gets on my nerves at times. Alina is definitely one of my favorites. Genya is precious and needs to remain in a bubble. The Darkling needs to forever exist in this series or the ship (non-existent or not) will sink (possibly get hit by an iceberg first) and this fangirl’s heart will shatter. Hopefully, Netflix is listening. Also, The Crows, especially Inej, are amazing! Everyone needs a friend like Jesper!

Shadow and Bone is worth watching if you’ve read the book series, like fantasy movies and or TV shows or are looking for something different to watch. Without giving anything away, I can definitely see the appeal of the series. It also looks like The Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo is going on my TBR list. The Crows story in Shadow and Bone is a prequel to The Six of Crows.

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