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Don’t Go Into the Water

Don’t go into the water starting tomorrow! Shark week is here! Discovery Channel’s ever popular Shark Week begins July 11th, 2021. It’s only here once a year so be sure you don’t miss out! This year marks 33 years for the shark infested event. This year you can find Shark Week on Discovery+, Discovery’s streaming channel, as well.

Shark Week is getting started this year with a special hosted by Robert Irwin, Steve Irwin’s son. Talk about a surprise! Shark behaviors that have never been seen on camera before will be a part of this year’s lineup as well.

For the full lineup of shows and movies check out Discovery is bringing us something new this year with a brand new series, Shark Academy! Shark Academy will premiere Sunday, July 11th on Discovery+ and airs on the Discovery Channel on July 18th.

How do you celebrate Shark Week? Have a favorite recipe that you like to sink your teeth into while watching the amazing predator(s) in the deep blue? Drop a comment on Instagram! Spectrum News 13 has a great article with some Shark Week inspired recipes!

Happy Shark Watching!

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