Covid-19 and Politics: The Great Divide

Covid-19 has been around for a long time at this point with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has caused many arguments between people. Political issues have been around indefinitely with no intentions of disappearing any time soon. It has also caused many arguments between people. Not to mention the media has played a huge part on both of those topics. Is the media good or bad?

Note: Everything is strictly opinionated.

Covid-19 and political issues over recent years has created a great divide between most people. Are you Democrat? Are you Republican? Do you agree with my beliefs? Are you vaccinated? Are you not vaccinated? Do you think Covid-19 was created in nature or created in a lab? All of this and more has caused so much anger, stress, grief, depression and more… especially in the United States of America. It doesn’t sound very united at this point, does it?

Enough is enough. People need to come together. We are stronger than this. We can have different opinions without tearing each other down. Lately, I have been watching so many friends and families become so divided and against one another because of different opinions on Covid-19 and politics. It has become a scary thing to see and is starting to resemble CW’s TV show The 100. Only we can stop this. Stop tearing each other down and apart.

Some of you might be angered by this and some of you might agree with it. What I hope is that this post makes people realize that our friends and families are more important than an opinion, whether it be the topic of this post or something entirely different.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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