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Welcome to Tip Tuesday for the month of February! Posts on Tuesdays throughout the month of February will be on all things skincare and makeup related.

First tip of the month is introducing a hack to line the upper waterline of your eye.

Sensitive eyes are bad enough when it comes to lining them. Shoving an eyeliner pencil next to your eye in hopes of not jabbing your eye out when you’re half asleep and in a rush for work… Priceless. I’ve done this with eyeliner pencils and mascara wands! Stars were seen and water puddled in my eyes. Fortunately, nothing devastating happened.

There is a simple hack for lining the waterline of your upper eyelid and eye tape is not involved! I learned this trick from a DIYer years ago and have been using it since.

Items Needed:

  • Eye pencil (regular eyeliner pencil or gel eyeliner pencil)
  • Eyelash Curler


  1. Using the eye pencil, line the eyelash curler pad. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make sure you apply a simple coat of liner to the eyelash curler pad.
  2. Using the eyelash curler, properly curl your lashes by bringing it to the base of your lashes and squeezing the eyelash curler gently for a few seconds. Be sure not to pinch your eyelid or surrounding skin!

You don’t have to line the eyelash pad every single time you use it. Once the color starts to wear off on the pad then you can reline it and begin again.

Bonus: When you line your upper waterline/eyelid it can sometimes make your eyes appear to be a little bigger.

What are your favorite eyeliner hacks?

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