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    My Favorite Face/Makeup Primers

    This is going to be a quick post for Tip Tuesday… think of X/Twitter but with more characters allowed! Currently working on a laptop with a monitor hanging from its hinge and it’s metal guts spilling out. The monitor screen is also going in and out (Yay!). Might be MIA next week if this laptop dies and the new one doesn’t arrive on time. Diving in real quick before the monitor goes (Hah! Ugh.). Makeup primers of all kinds are a huge seller. Not all makeup primers work equally the same, especially when dealing with skin issues and sensitive skin in general. I’ve tried few different ones but only found…

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    Eyeliner Hack

    Welcome to Tip Tuesday for the month of February! Posts on Tuesdays throughout the month of February will be on all things skincare and makeup related. First tip of the month is introducing a hack to line the upper waterline of your eye. Sensitive eyes are bad enough when it comes to lining them. Shoving an eyeliner pencil next to your eye in hopes of not jabbing your eye out when you’re half asleep and in a rush for work… Priceless. I’ve done this with eyeliner pencils and mascara wands! Stars were seen and water puddled in my eyes. Fortunately, nothing devastating happened. There is a simple hack for lining…

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    New Year, New Posts

    The blog is going to be getting a revamp, starting with posts. So, for the next couple of months there will be a series of different types of posts to see what does better (Thanks Anjali! Lol). February is the month for Valentines. Ironically, drinking out of a pink and purple cup (Thanks Work Mom, Sally!) while typing this. I don’t get into the holiday much but watching people scramble last minute for flowers and candy can be highly entertaining! Plus… discount chocolate day is a win… enough said! Not Another Valentine’s Day Post! So, what’s happening on the blog in February? There will be a series of makeup and…

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    2022 Empties Dump

    It’s that time of the year again! The infamous yearly dump of empties post from so many bloggers, including myself. Empties posts are kind of like hitting the Best Sellers filter on some retail websites. It’s not what has the most top rated reviews but rather what people buy the most. In this case, it’s all about what products were thoroughly used until the containers became empty. It’s been a while since a yearly review of empties was posted. Remember the 2020 Self Care Empties post? Have a favorite empty? Drop a comment below or use #JustJenna on your favorite social platform!